Commission Info

  • Without a specific deadline, the priority will always be lower than for commercial work.
  • Please set a specific deadline if you want to make sure you get it by a certain date.
  • Discord chat is available for communication.
  • Commission about software singers’ (or any character I love him/her) price is lower than usual.


Payment: Paypal / Alipay / Game cash Cards


Application: Personal / Uncommercial / Online posting only

You can upload the commission images on the Internet, like SNS icons, your personal websites, etc. But, no monetary transactions may be involved.

When the commission was done, I‘ll upload these pictures on my accounts with a watermark.
I do not accept non-disclosable commissions or commissions that cannot be credited.

Please ask me first in these cases:

  • You want use the picture in the real world (for exsample, make a key chain with it).
  • You want to set a specific deadline.
  • You want to decide how do I put the watermark on pictures.
  • If the character is from an anime/game/etc, please tell me the name about the original work/character.
  • About design commissions, please tell me how it will be used.

If you want to sell goods, please make sure it’s YOUR character, or you have permission from the original author.
Copyright will not be transferred.


  • Anime style girls
  • Software singers (VOCALOID / UTAU / etc)
  • Vivid colors
  • NO Porn / Gore / Yaoi / Mechas / Realism characters
  • NO Deadline in 30 days
  • NO BIG RETAKE after sketch finished (Minor changes are OK)
  • CAN’T Change the artstyle
  • CAN’T Detailed background