About Me


Welcome to Haru.jpg’s site!

A good illustrator can make good voicebank too!

December 7,1994. Female, married.
Nick name: Haru.jpg / a.k.a: Napstina, etc
Freelance artist and vocal synth voicebank producer.
◎中文 / ◎日本語 / △English


Resume of major activities:

  • Voicebank「三色あやか・れいか」「夏霜」「XI-sai-」Voice, design, labeling
  • A wiki site about Chinese UTAUloids「UTAU中华组wiki」Founder, administrator
  • UTAU, SynthV Voicebank「海伊」「赤羽」 etc. Labeling, recording director
  • SynthV Voicebank「Saki AI」「小春六花Standard/AI」etc. Labeling

About Using

If you wish to use works other than those listed above, please contact me and obtain explicit authorization before doing so.

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